Words of a Butterfly

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

Too many of us get wrapped up in the comfort 

of the cocoon that was only meant 

to be temporary 

a place for us to digest all of the knowledge 

and experiences 

we had eaten 

those things that were meant to transform us into  

the beautiful butterflies 

we were destined to become. 

It is time for us to break free 

from our cocoons, 

unwrap and spread our wings 

and soar to new heights,  

pollinating the world 

with our talents, 

and newfound wisdom  

as we travel from destination 

to destination 

interacting with and touching the lives of others 

leaving them with 

the sweet nectar of a memory 

of time spent with us. 

No longer are we allowing our cocoons  

to keep us hidden away 

but with newfound wings 

spreading hope and joy 

throughout the world 

no longer holding back 

all that’s inside us 






We have begun to see ourselves 

and love ourselves 

the way God does. 

And slowly, 

yet confidently, 

we are gracefully growing 

into our destiny. 

Living the life 

of a beautiful butterfly. 

Michelle D. Robinson

January 29, 2018

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