We’re here to trouble the world for the Lord 

To go against the status quo 

To challenge the things that have always been accepted 

To tend to those the world has neglected 

We can no longer be silent as those around us perish 

When we can show them His love, His mercy, and compassion 

We can no longer sit in our bubble of judgement 

Living in our circle of righteous contentment 

Not welcoming those who aren’t like us into our environment 

Looking down on the world with a sense of detachment 

That’s not what He placed us here on the earth to do 

That’s not why He changed us, made us new 

It’s not a top secret for us to keep to ourselves, hidden  

It’s not a secret society that others have to pay to get in 

No, He’s already paid the price, paid the price for us all 

No one is to be left behind, no one destined to fall 

Do you hear me? It’s time for us to take a stand! 

Shout about the One who saved every woman and man 

There are people hurting, souls that are lost 

All because we’re not sharing that He took the cost 

Of our sins on His shoulders so we could be set free 

That He’s planned good things for us as our destiny 

So don’t be afraid to share the Good News 

Be more afraid of whom we could lose 

If we don’t let them in on this great One we’ve found 

No longer passive; we must live our faith out loud 

Time for us to break out of the walls of the church building  

Time for us to start praying, loving, giving, forgiving 

Time for us to truly be the light all over this globe 

Time for us to share about our peace, our joy, our hope 

Time for us to welcome others in with open arms 

Time for us to declare war against what breaks His heart 

YOU are the church, so please don’t forget it 

And not just on Sunday; every day you’re to live it 

Let’s shake things up; let’s be the agents of change 

We can’t allow what He’s done for us to be in vain 

No longer afraid; we’re here to trouble the world 

Everywhere we go, our voices are gonna be heard 

Our message will be shared, lives transformed 

Nation after nation will learn of His great Word 

You can call us crazy, misled, even instigators 

Just know that we are proud to be His troublemakers

Michelle D. Robinson

October 22, 2019


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