The Brevity of Life

Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow  

Rolls off our tongues 

So easily,  



Day in and day out 

We give in to mediocrity 


Delaying the work we know must  

Be done 

In order to gratify 

Our own 


In the moment. 

Because, of course,  

We can always do it 


Or can we? 

The crazy part is  

We don’t’ really know 

Yet we live life as if we do 

As if we have tomorrow’s tomorrow 

And the tomorrow after that  

To live out that dream that’s 

Bubbling up inside of us 

To forgive that loved one 

Who wronged us 

To try that “thing” that  

Looks like fun to us 

To take the family on that  

Desired trip… 

Go to that place… 

that we’ve been longing to see 

To just be still  

and love on those we hold dear 

To make that call 

Check up on that friend 

Write that book 

This is the list that never ends 

We say that we know that 

Tomorrow’s not promised 


We live as if it is  

As if delaying our dreams 

Will extend our lives 

Until that magical time  

When we are ready to do 

All the things 

We know we should be doing 

Right now 

We move about 

Almost blindly  

As if in a daze 

Making the same excuses 

Going through the same cycle 

Cry, whine, complain,  

Become complacent, vow to do better, 

Dream new dreams, create vision boards 

Declare the same New Year’s Resolutions.  

Wash. Rinse. Spin. 


But every now and then 

God sends us a painful reminder 

Of just how brief this life is 

That person gone too soon 



Omg, he was my age! 

She was in her prime! 

They were too young to die! 

They had so much to live for! 

Why are we always so surprised? 

We are all born to die. 

But the difference is always  

How we choose to live out that life.  

Will we embrace the life 

We have right now 

Avoid our future regrets 

Go after our dreams, 

Conquer our fears 

Love, forgive, try, and then try again 

Experience, let go of 

Embrace, enjoy 

Just do  


Or will we fall into our same  


Our same  


Our regularly scheduled program 

Because we want to believe  

We’ve convinced ourselves 

We’ll eventually get it done 

Because there will always be 


Michelle D. Robinson  

January 28, 2020

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