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Ready for Change: Embracing the Unknown

Most people are terrified by or not ready for change when it comes. Many times change comes with no warning at all, or we may be in denial and ignore the signs of change coming, or we are aware that change is coming but have no idea what it’s going to look like.

But we all know that change is inevitable in every area of our lives. We can either shrink back in fear or we can embrace and learn from the change.

Sometimes we need to learn to initiate that change ourselves when we see the need. Even if it scares us. Even if we don’t know what lies ahead.

Changes are coming…

With this being said, I have some changes coming along for Words of a Butterfly. When I started this blog it was just to get my thoughts and feelings from being locked up inside of me and out there for others to read (read my first blog post here). As I began writing my posts, I soon realized that others could actually benefit from them.

The feedback I was getting was that other people could relate to what I was going through or had been through. Some people thanked me or told their own stories. Shockingly, I realized that what I had to say could hold value to other people. I mean I knew that I had something important to say, but realizing that others actually wanted to read it, is a completely different thing.

Slowly, it began to dawn on me that this little website could be so much more than an online diary for me. It could be a place for other people, especially women, to be inspired to live their best lives. I certainly know that my goal is to obtain all of the information that I can about living my best life, so why not share everything that I am learning with others?

However, as usual, this idea of not just pouring my heart out in posts and letting what will be, be but intentionally creating a place where  women can come to seek motivation and inspiration scared me. So I held unto the idea for quite some time. Tiptoed around it. Wrote it down in my notebook and looked at it every once in a while, but fear beat me up every time.

Who do you think you are? Why would someone come to you for advice? What do you really have to offer? Will people want to read what you have to say?

With these thoughts also came the realization that I would have to be consistent with my blog content, not just posting when I felt like it. Even bigger than that is the fact is that I want so much more than for Words of a Butterfly to be just a blog. When I say that I want to motivate and inspire other women, I have so many other ideas in my head that I want to accomplish as well (more to come about these ideas in the near future). But these dreams are bigger than I am. Bigger than anything that I can do on my own.

Moving Forward

I’ve been praying, y’all, for some time now. Praying about what direction I need to go, how to make it less about me and more about you: my readers. In the midst of my praying and seeking, I got some clear answers (not exactly on how this will look in the end), but on how I should proceed. And here’s where I feel like I may be able to help some of you who are thinking about making a change, stepping out and trying something new, doing the unknown because you feel it in your heart and your soul that that’s what you should be doing. Here’s what I’ve been able to gather  from my daily devotional/journal talks with God.

  1. If I ask for His wisdom, He will guide me. I don’t have to be afraid of change. If I feel Him leading me down a path, I should feel certain that it’s the right way to go. Does He promise me that it will be smooth sailing or free from pitfalls? Nope. I just have to trust Him. That’s all. Sometimes those hard paths lead to the best places. If you feel your heart tugging you in a certain direction, be confident that God will help you navigate the way.
  2.                                                                                                                              One thing that I have learned is that life is better when you’re surrounded by other like-minded people. While Words of a Butterfly is my baby, it does not mean that I can’t go to others for help. There are women that I follow because I admire what they’re doing with their businesses, so why shouldn’t I seek their advice on how to proceed? Believing that I can do this all on my own, relying on just my own knowledge and strength is crazy. The Bible talks so much about seeking wisdom from others. This doesn’t mean run and talk to everybody about your dreams, but truly seeking wise counsel from trusted individuals is a smart move to make.
  3.                                                                                                                               This verse hit me right over the head this week when I read it. Although I am not a real queen as Esther was, I felt this verse speaking to me. I had just asked God to show me whether or not the direction I was taking was the right one, again questioning if people would actually respond to what I had to say. Then to read a verse as if God were saying to me, “Why hold back when you may have been created for just a time as this? Who are you to say whether or not you’ve been made to do this? Most importantly, who will miss out because you were afraid to act?” I cannot let fear of rejection be enough to keep me from pursuing my dreams! And neither should you!

I’m so excited about the changes coming! I’m nervous, but optimistic. There’s no way that I can sit back and not do this! While, I’ll continue to blog about my 90-day health journey, I will also be blogging about the changes that are coming to the blog and even asking for input from you!  One of the first and biggest changes that I’ve made is that I am about to reveal my logo that I finally got made!!!! Yes, I have a professionally created logo to go along with my new vision! (Thank you to my friend Sharon!)

So let me adjust my crown as I get busy! I pray that all of you will be right here with me on this journey!

Peace and Love,





Week 2: My Journey to 40

What a busy week it has been! If you’re an educator in a public school in Florida, you know what the time after Christmas Break is all about: testing! We’ve officially entered into what is referred to as Crunch Time or what I refer to as the Most Stressful Time of the Year, the time that we put all of our energy into prepping our students for state testing (more about my feelings on this in a future post). This week was filled with practice testing every morning for our students which of course threw off the rest of each day. Needless to say, this week was an interesting one.

However, I was still able to work on some of my goals in week 2 of My Journey to 40. (To read about Week One click here.) Here’s how this week went.

  1. Fitness Goal – Although I didn’t meal prep for lunch this week, I believe I did a good job with eating. However, I’m still struggling with the water intake. As a teacher, it’s hard for me to drink so much water during the day since I don’t have the freedom to just run to the bathroom like I need to do. However, I did hit my step goal (10,000) EVERY DAY this week! Whoop whoop! Yay for me!  I even went walking and did some strength training. I’m bringing sexy back!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. New Adventure: This week Hubby and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. One of my ideas for having an adventure or new experience was for us to try a new restaurant (you know, break away from the routine), but since I wasn’t allowed to help with planning anything for our anniversary, I wasn’t sure if this goal would be met. Hubby had done the planning, and he just told me that we needed to be where we were going by 7:30 that Friday night. Well, my goal was met! We went to a new restaurant (new for us) and had a great time. Hubby had gotten a recommendation from a friend about where to take me. I was happily surprised by the food, ambiance, and location. I even tried oysters and clams for the first time. Hubby always eats them so I decided to try for the first time. Was I impressed? Not really, but at least I can say that I tried them (shrugs). The next morning Hubby arranged for us to have our first ever couple’s massage. I enjoyed every minute of it and left feeling like I was floating! We followed our massages by eating breakfast at a new restaurant as well. Weren’t we the adventurous pair?  This was a great anniversary, and I look forward to celebrating many more with this crazy, yet loving, man of mine.
Our wedding day!


Our appetizer!
My dinner
Us in front of the beautiful view from our table


Week 1: My Journey to 40

Week one of My Journey to 40 has certainly been a special one for me. It was my first week back in the classroom after our two week Christmas Break. It was not a good week. It was extremely busy and frustrating with many ups and downs, and it almost seemed as if it would overshadow my week 1 goals, but nope, nope, nope. I wouldn’t let any of it get in my way. (See my post about that here.) Here’s a recap of what I managed to accomplish this week.

  1. Fitness Goal – I increased my water intake (although I didn’t reach my goal every day). Next week I will work on meeting that goal each day. Although it might not seem like much to others, I am aiming for the recommended 8 glasses of water a day (64 ounces). Once I hit that goal consistently, I will increase my goal. I also exercised 3 days this week and joined a FitBit challenge with some friends. I’m determined to increase my steps (daily goal of 10,000) so I can move up a few spots in the challenge. On top of all of that,  I’m proud of myself for prepping my lunch for the week which I had gotten pretty lazy about doing.
    Hit those 10,000 steps
    Crushed my Herbalife shake
    My lunch for the week


  2. New Adventure or Trying Something New – While this may not be an exciting adventure to some, this was important for me because it is something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time, and it proved to be quite fruitful. I am a graduate of the awesome, phenomenal, one and only, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, the best HBCU around (I may be a little bias). For the longest, I have been meaning to go to our local chapter meeting for our FAMU Alumni Association. I finally said enough is enough; it was time for me to support my alma mater, not just brag about it. I’m so glad that I did. When you ask for opportunities to get more involved, God will certainly answer. At the meeting, one committee was looking for someone who could take pictures for their annual calendar fundraiser (hey, that’s me), and they needed someone to help with editing the profiles of people featured in the calendar (hey, that’s me again). So I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up. I even made sure to speak to the woman in charge of the committee and give her my name and number (something that is out of character for me to do). The other great thing that came from attending this meeting flows into #3 on this list: my Random Act of Kindness.

    Rocking my FAMU gear
  3. RAK – I’ve been looking for more ways to serve the community. I’ve also been looking for ways to serve with my children, to teach them about selflessly serving others, giving back to their community, giving without expecting to receive. At the meeting, there was a guest speaker from a local organization, and why was she attending the meeting? Not only was she a FAMU alumni, she was there representing the organization that was looking for more volunteers to help in their shelter. Our chapter gives regularly to the organization, but the organization also really needed people to come in and volunteer as well. And yes, children are welcomed. With  Dr. Martin Luther King Day in just a couple of days, the organization was having a special day of service on Monday, the FAMU Alumni Association was looking for more people to volunteer to help, so I signed my boys and me up to volunteer. We’ll be there bright and early Monday morning ready to serve. (Next week’s post will give details about how this went).   4. Last but not least, I finally settled on a preliminary draft of my logo for my photography business, Natural Soul Photography. The best part of it is the fact that it was drawn by my 14-year-old son! What do you think? I can’t wait to get it on products (business cards, shirts, hats)  and move forward with increasing my business. This has been a long journey with getting my business off the ground, but I see a promising future.
    My son created my logo for my photography company!

    Stick around! The next eight weeks will bring bigger and better things! I’m making great plans for some fun adventures, random acts of kindness, and business moves!