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The Other Side of Sometimes (Original Poetry)

I have no idea what made me write this poem, The Other Side of Sometimes. Sometimes I read or hear or watch something that motivates me to write a poem. This had to have come after learning something about women in relationships who were dealing with domestic violence. I wrote this poem 15 years ago, and, unfortunately, it can still be applied to what’s happening in our world today. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please seek help. It is NOT okay!

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash


The Other Side of Sometimes


Her makes her laugh.

Then he makes her cry.

And all around her

voices are asking, “Why?”


No one seems

to understand her need

for his touch

which is sometimes rough

his promises

that are sometimes broken

his words

that sometimes cut into her.


But why can’t they see

her need

for the other side

of that sometimes?


It isn’t as bad

as they sometimes think,

but they keep saying

that sometimes isn’t enough.


But why can’t they see

her need

for the other side

of that sometimes?


But she isn’t going to  fight

to make them understand

after all, he is hers,

her man.


So she is going to continue to take

whatever he has to offer

’cause the other side of sometimes

is good enough for her.


Michelle D. Robinson

March 26, 2003

Saying No to Doubt (An original poem)

She is stalked, hunted,

Pursued by a supernatural presence

For every attempt she makes to evade it

It falls back in step right behind her

She steps

It steps

She sprints, desperately running for her life

It follows behind, an easy-paced jog

Yet it continues to shadow her

She yells out, breathlessly,


“Why won’t you let me be?”

But it is mockingly silent

For she already knows the answer

It seems to blow in, riding on the wind

In a whisper that is unnaturally loud

“Because I live within you!’ It says

And she know it speaks the truth

This thing she cannot shake

Is something she must deal with from within

A thought that both excites and frightens her

She must elude it

Step by step

Day by day

Until it’s no longer within reach

Until it’s no longer a part of her

Until she accepts the truth about who she is

She knows she’s fighting for

Her potential, her purpose, her dreams

Only until then

Can she be free

Of the doubt that makes her second guess

What she knows is her destiny

What she was created to do, to be

Until she finally stops running

And turns around to face it head on

“Doubt,” she says, “You can no longer control me!”

“You are no longer welcomed here!”

And she steps into the light

Of a brand new day

Where it can’t find her

She smiles

Hopeful & confident

Because she remembers a promise

And accepts the truth

For she knows that with God by her side


yes anything,

is possible for her.

Natural Soul

Natural Soul

I’ve decided to love myself

starting with the inside

‘cause then I know

loving the outside will come easily.

No longer will I be spending

long periods of time in front of the mirror

trying in vain to morph my real image

into some virtual image that has been

implanted in my head.

Contemplating crazy ways to change myself

into what I’m “supposed” to look like

what the world has told me it takes

to be considered a “beautiful” woman.

I’m going to love myself

from the inside, out

starting with what I like to call

my natural soul.

My soul that hasn’t been bleached or plucked or waxed or permed or arched or shaved or clipped or dyed or painted or lipoed or Botoxed…

that part of me that hasn’t been

“fixed” or made to fit the image of an ideal woman.

I’m going to love myself

from the inside, out

that part of me that reflects

the real me

that part of me that can never be changed

that part of me that hasn’t been touched

by stereotypes and unrealistic expectations.


I’m going to love myself

from the inside out

starting with

me and my natural soul.