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Dear readers,

I must admit that this was an off week for me. I was on an emotional roller coaster, frustrated with problems at the job and at home. Some moments I was mad, some sad, some indifferent. The second week into the new year was definitely not what I envisioned it to be.

But that’s just what is was: one week.

Not my entire life. Just ONE…aggravatingly…frustrating…week.

But I will not allow it to shape how I view my life because even in the midst of this less than stellar week, I had many moments of laughter and joy woven into those not so happy moments.

And I know that I will move on past this. That it’s not enough to derail me from the hopes and dreams I have for my future.

Plus every morning this week that I woke up feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, my devotionals always seemed to be tailored to exactly what I was going through, and I was renewed with enough strength to get through the day, to dust myself off and get back into the fight.

Actually, the frustrations of this week have lit a fire in me to keep pushing on! It has made me even more determined to stay focused on my goals, to stay on my hustle and grind and keep in mind the future I’ve envisioned for myself. I can’t let this bad week throw me off course.

So I’m writing this letter to encourage you, my readers, to do the same. Don’t let a bad moment, experience, day, week, or even month to turn you sour to this blessing called life.

Instead let these interruptions be character builders. Look for the lesson within them and figure out how to use them to your advantage and how to deal with them if the same situation rises again.

But don’t give up.

Never give up.

Find something or someone that you can go to that will help renew your spirit. Focus on all the good in your life. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding you. Do whatever works for you. For me, it’s my morning prayer journal time and devotionals as well as the support of and the time spent with good family and friends.

Your story of adversity may be just what another person may need some day in the future, the story they need to hear as they are going through a similar trial or tribulation, the story that may help them to get back on their feet.

So don’t let a bad moment steal your joy. Don’t let it get you off track from pursuing your goals. Get back up and declare that you may have been knocked down but you will get back up again and again and again!

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Yours truly,

Michelle D. Robinson

Words of a Butterfly

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  1. Good for you! It’s okay to have an off week, but shake it off and move on. Give yourself permission to feel down, but do the work to move through it. I agree with this philosophy 100%.

    • My devotionals have really been helpful. Last year I read, Jesus Always and a quite a few on from the YouVersion Bible App.

  2. I like this post! Having someone you can go to renew your spirit or talk to you, we all need that special someone to help dig us out of our funk at times

  3. This is great information. I had a frustrating year; yet I am able to look back and see the lessons I learned. Recognizing those and moving forward is key. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. So sorry to hear that you had a tough week. Sometimes the simplest remedy is a really long nap. Sounds funny, but man does it ever work!

  5. Sorry to hear about your tough week. As a mom of three boys, I have rough weeks as well. What works for me is after it’s done I do something special for myself.

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