Hello everyone!!! I created this blog to share my experiences and my growth with other people who may be going through the same things I am going through or have been through. My prayer is that my words and messages here will inspire you to live your best life and give you hope to keep going. I hope to connect with other like-minded people who are also stepping out of their comfort zones and stepping into their purposes because I want to learn from them as well. Please look around, comment on, and share anything you find you can relate to, enjoyed reading, or think will be helpful to someone else.  I’m no longer living afraid, wrapped in my cocoon of comfort; I’ve broken free and am now soaring with my butterfly wings to new destinations. My words and my photography are my wings. What are your wings that will take you to new places? Are you willing to join me on this journey?

The Life of a Butterfly

Too many of us get wrapped up in the comfort

of the cocoon that was only meant

to be temporary

a place for us to digest all of the knowledge

and experiences

we had eaten

those things that were meant to transform us into 

the beautiful butterflies

we were destined to become.

It is time for us to break free

from our cocoons,

unwrap and spread our wings

and soar to new heights, 

pollinating the world

with our talents,

and newfound wisdom 

as we travel from destination

to destination

interacting with and touching the lives of others

leaving them with

the sweet nectar of a memory

of time spent with us.

No longer are we allowing our cocoons 

to keep us hidden away

but with newfound wings

spreading hope and joy

throughout the world

no longer holding back

all that’s inside us






We have begun to see ourselves

and love ourselves

the way God does.

And slowly,

yet confidently,

we are gracefully growing

into our destiny.

Living the life

of a beautiful butterfly.

                                                                   -Michelle D. Robinson